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Dr. Nancy's Most Popular Speaking Presentations

Defying Fear

"F-E-A-R has two meanings: 'Forget Everything And Run' or "Face Everything And Rise'" - Zig Ziglar. It is not a matter of whether you will face FEAR in your life. It is a matter of whether you choose to live life despite the FEAR. You too can overcome your FEAR. 

Healthy Relationships and Validation

Healthy relationship start with how you view yourself. Loving yourself appropriately frees you to love others fully—treating people with kindness, empathy, and respect. From personal to business to family, validation is one of the most important skills to learn and use daily—leading to greater happiness. Learn how to validate yourself and others.

Learning to Value Yourself and Your Body

Get out of your own way so you can lead a happy life and healthier relationships. True joy starts with learning to love yourself. God adores you and cherishes you—including the body He gave you. It's time you did the same. How you talk about yourself is how you envision your future self. Moms, what you say about your body influences what your kids hear about themselves. Learn to embrace you and your curves.

Overcoming Stress

How to manage stress. I went from having 6 ulcers in undergrad to no ulcers. Everyone knows stress comes from 'bad events' in your life. Did you know stress comes from 'good events' as well. Learn how to control your stress versus it controlling you. Dr. Nancy helps you find a healthy balance.

Achieving True Healthy Living

You want to be able to feel better and do things you never thought imaginable. Whether your desire is to get out of bed with more energy or run a 5k or a Half Ironman, you are capable of more. But how are you measuring success? Is your goal to be healthy and happy or a certain weight? Learn to set the right target and watch your life transform.

Thriving with Autism

If you're interested in delving into the complexities of autism and navigating ways to assist your child in fitting into a 'neurotypical' world, the journey may seem challenging. Dr. Nancy, whose child was diagnosed with Asperger's, has successfully guided them to live independently. Join her to explore practical insights on overcoming common challenges and mistakes, and uncover the keys to finding happiness in the midst of this unique journey.

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