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ATG Online Coaching
"ATG exercises is one of the best decision I have ever made. This program has been a game changer for me. I couldn't do stairs without pain before starting this program. After these exercises and following their coaching prompts, I now do Half Ironmans with no knee pain and didn't have to have another knee surgery. Use this link to get $20 off your first month of coaching. -Dr. Nancy

Carnivore Crisps
"I love these. You want a healthy snack with a crunch that won't elevate your blood sugar and tastes great try Carnivore Crisp. I use them as a chip and eat them with avocado dip. Use this link or code "DRNANCY" to get 10% off!" 

~Dr. Nancy

"I personally use the protein drinks. I use this especially when I am short on time. Everything is grass-fed using non-GMO ingredients. Use this link or code "DRNANCY" to get free shipping!

-Dr. Nancy

ATG Equipment
ATG Equipment is American made and good quality. Use this link to get a discount on equipment. I personally use a Tib Bar and slant boards. Game changers. -Dr. Nancy

"This is what I use to fall asleep with every night. It stops my mind from racing. I can fall asleep quickly. Even the night before my races it helps to calm my mind. Use this link to receive two free weeks trial. -Dr. Nancy
Salty Britches is a soothing long-lasting barrier against skin irritation for any occasion. Created to withstand salt water chafing and now trusted by families, athletes and military personnel for year-round all-day protection. You can click the link or use the code "DRNANCY" to get 20% of all ointment options

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