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Review By: Pat P

When I started coming to see Dr Meyer I could barely stand up straight .. Now 8 weeks later I am in the best shape that I could be in for a 59 year old woman . Dr. Meyer has introduced me to the exercise ball that I am becoming addicted to and I am sleeping now for the first time in 8 years. I love what she and her staff have done for me. Thank you Dr. Meyer.

Review By: Brian H

I served in the US Navy for 6 years and while I was there, I got an injury in my neck and when I would PT my right arm would have the feeling of going to sleep. I went to a Navy doctor and he said I was fine.
Once I got out of the service I went to see Dr. Meyer and she made the proper adjustments to my neck and now when I work out there no numbness in my arm. There was another time I had a knee issue and it was because my hips were out of alignment. She is able to give tips for day to day exercises or make recommendations while doing something as strenuous such as training for a marathon.
So if you take nothing away from my review take this, do yourself a favor a get yourself adjusted. It is an easy way to prevent and heal neck and back pains. I would gladly recommend my family and friends to Dr. Meyer.

Review By: Sheila H

I was an RN for 25 years, a profession which involves lots of lifting. So far I experience no back pain. I attribute my "wellness" to my monthly appointments with Dr Nancy. So thankful!

Review By: Melissa

I am pleased with my experiences at Chiropractic Wellness. Dr. Meyer is very talented as well as passionate about my recovery and quality of life. Since seeing her, I have less pain, less anxiety and less stress. I am still surprised at the amount of relief I have gotten since I started receiving treatment. I would strongly recommend Chiropractic Wellness to anyone.

Review By: Ripley

Dr. Meyer is a highly skilled health professional that shows an honest concern for her patients overall well being. Both my husband and I have noticed a significant improvement in not only our bodies, but also our day to day attitudes. Life without pain makes everything seem so much better. Not to mention how much easier it is to not only fall asleep, but stay asleep through the whole night and wake refreshed each morning. Dr. Meyer has a smile for everyone and a positive vision for their well being. You owe it to yourself, your family, as well as your friends and coworkers to pay her a visit and see how Chiropractic Wellness can improve your day to day health. I can honestly say that coming into the office is one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Review By: Lee

Dr. Nancy Meyer is a super caring chiropractor and I would recommend her to anyone.

Review By: Christopher H

She is an excellent chiropractor. She has never hurt my back but has made it feel much better. My wait was very short in her waiting room. I was greeted professionally. I left feeling better than when I went in.

Review By: Tina M

Best chiropractic doctor ever! I had moved out of state and was so glad that I could come back to Dr. Nancy Meyer. She quickly got me back in shape and my headaches and shoulder aches are gone! She is the best!

Review By: Debora G

Great visit. Dr Meyer keeps me pain free and her adjustments are pain free. I don't want to go any where else.
Thank you, Dr. Meyer, for your help.

Review By: Patti D

Always look forward to my monthly maintenance appointment and for the opportunity to interact with Jill and Nancy! Such a pleasure!

Review By: Debora G

I look forward to going to Dr. Nancy Meyer because my back adjustments are painless. She doesn't twist my body or jerk my neck. She uses a tool called an activator that is painless but still gives me great results. My back pain is almost non-existent except when I over do it and Dr. Meyer is always there to help.

Review By: Sean B

I love going to Dr. Meyer! She is the best chiropractor! I run at least 8 miles a day and do sports. Dr. Meyer has helped me stay on top of my game and in shape! I recommend going to Dr. Meyer!

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