About Dr. Nancy Meyer

Dr. Meyer is a Chiropractic Physician in Roanoke, Virginia. She is a business woman managed and owned several different businesses. She is happily married to Dr. Chris Hicks an urologist and a retired Army Colonel with 27 years of service. She is a mother to her two adult children, Sean and Lynsey, and is a grandmother to Benjamin.

She has faced numerous challenges in her life and rose above them including her dad and her father figure passing away her senior year in high school. She has dealt with having a child with Asperger’s on the Autism spectrum. She went from surviving a horrific divorce were she almost lost everything including her children to thriving and enjoying her life, remarried, with her children, and her grandson.

She played collegiate volleyball. She has worked with Olympic Athletes as a treating physician. She enjoys scuba diving, kayaking, and bicycling. She rode her bike over 3,000 miles last year and has completed several century (100 mile) bike rides. She has used her athletic experience to coach various athletic teams. She started coaching her first team when she was 18 years old and has coached over 20 years.

She has lectured regarding health and wellness issues as well as a motivational speaker. She is an active member in her local church. She has been a professor teaching at a local college. Also, Dr. Meyer is a past board member of Professional Women Resources, Executive Women International, and March of Dimes board. She was awarded Outstanding Young Woman of America. She co-chaired the building committee for a church’s Family Life Center. She was awarded Virginia Business Partner of the Year in 2008 for charity work. 

Dr. Meyer has been a guest speaker for several businesses and schools including American Electric Power and Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Dr. Meyer is available as a keynote speaker for professional and motivational engagements as well as local clubs and organizations. 

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